by Lords and Liars

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released December 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Lords and Liars Rocky Mount, North Carolina

North Carolina band. We try and mix it up. Eclectic and want all the influences to shine through.

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Track Name: Rip Off Artist
Rip Off Con Man
Things go within my plan
Original Impossible
Let the money flow where I'll tell my herd it should go

Never thought I should make somebody pay for lies
Anything's true, as long as it's televised
Dealer's know, stick to tha good book
Bank is made once I've got 'em solid on my hook

My words half truth, at their very best
Bottom line's at risk, be god damn the rest
Giving hurts, but my story's always sold itself
Have the heart, look the part, convince them to invest

Can't have my sheep, thinking on their own
Can't live my life, not atop my shepard's throne
One's strayed too far, best take a harsher tone
Without my flock's cash, end up a fucking drone
Track Name: Human Filth
Baptized in my own hate
Comfort drowned in this lake
Slowly, learned who I am
Now see my part in this scam

Disgust when I look at you, feel for you
Better off if I took a scalpel to your neck
Function of the herd to protect itself
Your loss judged necessary

Human Filth
Begin Extermination
Human Filth
Clean this infestation

How long must we deal with this fucking waste
Left to you, system breakdown
Our worth, measured through contribution, past time
For some retribution
You feed, On kindness
This well has long past ran dry
No more can we tolerate, no more can we let you take.
Track Name: Cadaver Toe
Tied down, to this bed
I can't deny the nasty thoughts running through my head
There's still some fire left in these thighs
Deep down I know you're gonna enjoy my slow demise.

Toe's sadness has a game, it deals from outside in
No myths are left for toe, Was disease his only sin
Always liked the girls, never got to touch enough
Only a few shifts left, toe's gonna make 'em rough

I've got wants I cannot deny
We can go for one more time
Throbbing desires begin to flow
But when you look at me all you see
Is that cadaver toe.
Track Name: Centerline
Speak of the injustice served tonight
Grab that gun and you go to set it right
Fear does not equal respect
What the fuck else do you expect

Follow rules your superiors set down
Just setting self up for a let down
Always do what they tell ya to
Follow the path, set for you

Bitch at me, tell me it's my fault
Life lived set on default
Consequence, we all lose
Never think back on what you chose

No deal, I can't believe you, when violence is your lust
Closed minds, know what to do, then beg for complete trust
There is no easy way out, these teachings too ingrained
Fault all, then all do without, never see this cycle change
Track Name: Colubrinus
God loves some just a little less
Fragile souls, could not pass the test

Can't find my talking snakes, Modern miracles
Too Hard to fake
Under educate, Overpopulate
They have a right to know, I will never show

Old tricks don't work on the modern stage
Sign of the times, evolve, create a new phase

I will not bow, will not pay
No penance earned not your say
All fight with nothing given
Worth defined I am driven

God prays for my forgiveness

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